“I had always been naturally slim but I was never fit. After having a couple of kids it was all starting to catch up with me so I knew it was time to finally get in shape. Norm always pushes each person in his class and knows how to get results for you. After just a few short weeks I was already much more capable of handling two little ones running around at home plus a little extra energy just for me. Norm’s classes are tough but he’s a very supportive and upbeat person and is always there to help you make it through. After each class I felt a great sense of achievement and was already looking forward to the next one! I would highly recommend signing up with Norm for multiple back to back sessions to get into shape and to stay that way.”
- Vandana Leung

“This is a fantastic workout! It’s definitely a challenge, but the benefits are terrific. After only 2 sessions, I started losing inches around my waist, and I noticed a difference in my energy level. Norm is very encouraging and always motivates you to push yourself. ”
- Carla Paluzzi

“Having spent many years working out in gyms, I was amazed at the variety of exercises that can be performed with an exercise band and a medicine ball. Norm’s sessions were a lot of fun and I was impressed with the results achieved in such a short period of time.”
- Kirk Brown

Norm improved my vertical jump by 3″ in just four weeks. Enough said!”
- Christian Parsons

“Norm the way you run your sports camp makes it easy and fun to participate. Your enthusiasm and dedication to training is magnetic and because of the camp I am definitely a stronger athelete. I would have no problem telling anyone to try your camp out and see for themselves what a benefit it has to any sport someone is trying to advance in.”
- Jamie Dempster

“Exercise and eating healthy – everyone knows this is the secret to a healthy lifestyle. I know this and tried to do this myself, but I could not make a big difference. This is where Norm fixed things and fixed it fast! Before I knew it, I was on track with losing weight to fit into my wedding dress! Norm keeps you focused and motivated. No crazy diets, just balanced eating and simple exercises. Norm cares about your progress and it is this very fact that keeps you going. When you think you can’t do one more push-up, you do it because you don’t want to let Norm down!”
- Cynthia Yu

“I’m not normally a big fan of bootcamps (only because I’ve never had a lot of discipline when it comes to fitness training), but I would HIGHLY recommend Norm’s training camps. They’re ultimate specific, but also applicable to any sport, fast-paced, and Norm injects a ton of fun and energy into his sessions.

As with anything, you get out of it what you put into it, and I found that, because the training and the exercises were ultimate-specific and incorporated disc skills (agility, plyometrics for power and vertical, reaction times), I was much more motivated, and the sessions flew by. The yoga cooldown/stretch at the end of each session was a bonus!

Results? I put 3 inches on my vertical in 4 weeks, and improved my speed and agility by about 8% in the same period.
- Ian Lee

“Doing the sportcamp at the moment and have learned tonnes. Norm is highly motivating… especially when your legs are burning and you don’t think you can do another rep/set.
- Mark Wong

“I’ve been training with Norm over the last 6 months through Ultimate training and his bootcamps.  I was able to achieve the 2 goals I set out for myself which was to improve my Ultimate skills and get into better shape.  I lost weight, improved my cardio and now am a key player on all of my Ultimate teams.  The motivating and 1-on-1 training each of us gets at bootcamp helps us focus on improving technique and get the best workout. It’s been a lot of hard work but a lot of fun too.  I am looking forward to future bootcamps with Norm.”
- Ameet Khanderia

“Norm Lew has been my coach and fitness trainer for the past two years.  He is extremely knowledagable with training and helps you reach the goals that you set.  He is positive and constructive and will always work with you.  Since I have been under Norm’s training, I have noticed that I push myself harder, reach goals faster and feel better about myself.
- Gareth Cawley

“The easiest way to describe Norm is that he is awesome. He’s helped me improve my game, teaching me how to get hand blocks, find open space on the field, and keep my head in the game. He’s taught me that the mental aspect of the game is just as important as the physical one. Norm will work you hard, he’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong but also what you’re doing right. He’ll make sure that every drill is useful, and can be applied in game situations. He’ll listen to his players, and will change his practices to reflect what people want to learn. His commitment to the sport and the team are unmatchable, and kept me coming back. Overall, in one summer I was able to improve my game in such a way that everyone on the field noticed. Thanks Norm, you’re awesome!”
- Nina Ramic

“Sports do NOT come naturally to me and having recently picked up Ultimate in the past few months, I had a lot to learn.  Participating in Norm’s SPORT Bootcamp was an awesome experience and I can’t wait for the next session to begin.  Working with a group whose experience ranges from complete beginner to seasoned pro, I was impressed with the way Norm developed a series of exercises and tests that pushed and challenged every single one of us. He is excellent at demonstrating the proper technique and explaining why it’s a valuable skill to acquire or improve upon. From learning how to run and jump properly to agility drills, the camp was both a learning experience and a LOT of fun.”

“As a coach/captain, Norm is without doubt the best of the best. He genuinely cares to see you improve and always knows just what to say to get you to push just a little bit harder when you think you’ve gone as far as you can. Working out with Norm, whether in a fitness or sport sense, there is no question that you will not only become a better (and smarter) player, but you’ll have a good time doing it.”
- Catherine Chen

“Norman Lew has been an excellent coach for me in all areas of my Ultimate Frisbee experience. He has worked hard at getting me into shape, challenging my skills and pushing me to become an all around better player. Norm has worked with me for the past 2 years and over that time, I have learned more about Ultimate Frisbee than in any of my previous years of playing. It has been a pleasure learning the sport from him and I greatly respect his ability to coach and teach others.”

“In addition to his coaching, Norm has also been a great motivator. Norm’s ability to push others to become the best that they can be has resulted in a healthier and thinner person. I have received compliments all summer and fall about how much weight I have lost since last year, and most of the credit has to go to Norm. He has the ability to use your personal motivation to drive you to your best.”
- Jeff Chik

“What’s different about Norm’s bootcamp? It is extremely interactive. He demonstrates then he watches everyone to make sure that each and every bootcamper is doing the exercises properly to maximize the benefits. Norm is capable of motivating people. He may as well be a motivational speaker.”

“I never knew that I didn’t know how to jump. Norm used video tape (in SPORT Camp) in order to pinpoint how I needed to makes adjustments in how I jumped. The result was that I gained an inch of vertical in just 1 month! I can’t wait till indoor Ultimate starts to test out the skills that we have practiced in bootcamp.”

“I used to hate jumping jacks and McGills sit ups. Now I love them both. Somehow we are all willing participants of his “death” exercises. We feel like dying while doing them, but we feel so happy and accomplished afterwards!”

Norm’s exercises are nothing like the ones in textbooks. They are all well thought out and they build on one another. I am now able to eat as much as I want because I know that I will burn it all at Norm’s bootcamp.

“We become friends with Norm and the other bootcampers and it is like hanging out with friends so it becomes way more fun and enjoyable. I even gave up my company X’mas party to attend the second last bootcamp session on Wednesday. I can’t wait till bootcamp resumes in January!”
- Julia Yung