Team Training

Man bending down to stretchUltimate Workout’s Team Training is high level sports training for any sports team. Whether it is an Ultimate, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball or any other sport, the fundamentals will always be similar. All sports require athletes to be proficient in

  • Speed and Acceleration
  • Jumping and Power Generation
  • Agility and Footwork
  • Hand eye co-ordination
  • Fitness and Conditioning

Ultimate Workout will customize a Team Training session specific to your sport and your team’s needs. Maybe it’s early in the season and your team needs to improve their fitness and conditioning or perhaps you’ve notice that your team has been dropping passes or balls due to poor hand eye co-ordination. Regardless of the need, we are confident we can build a workout that will benefit all players on your team and bring your team to the next level.

Costs will vary depending on location, time of session and equipment required.

Please contact us to begin to build your own Team Training session.