Agility Camp

Want a competitive edge in the sport you play? Whether you are a recreational or competitive athlete, Power-Agility Camp can help get you to the next level.

Ultimate Workout’s Agility training designed specifically for athletic adults who want to excel at the sports they play. Regardless of the sport, simple mechanics such as jumping, acceleration, footwork and agility are important in all sports. Most people train strength but that does not always equate to Power!

Whether you play Ultimate, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Football, etc. Agility Camp can help make you a better player.

Each Agility Camp is a series of 4 x 1 hour sessions during the winter months designed to supplement your training to get the most gains out of your off season. Each class builds on the previous class. It is recommended that participants plan to attend and entire 4 week session beginning to end to get the most out of the training.

Agility Camp runs every Thursday Evening at Jimmie Simpson Community Center, 870 Queen Street East, Toronto.

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